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After Pictures


It is fun to update children’s bedrooms as  they grow and use different toys!  Here, I show the newly designed bedroom/playroom for my almost 6-year-old girl & 8-yr old boy.  The dark brown & light blue wall colors help to masculanize this room in a gentle way.  The Loft bed from Ikea serves as a bunk bed which saves space and provides more play area.  Although they share the same area for sleep, the curtain panels along each side of the bed offer some needed privacy for changing.  The kids love the flower night lights that attach to the wall!

The Ikea bookshelves with baskets make a place for books, small toys and those million and one stuffed animals.  The two Ikea White Wardrobes give much-needed closet space and make good use of the limited tall space in the room.    And what kids don’t love Bean Bags…they’re soft, can be moved around and (most importantly) used secretly to catch them as they jump off the ladder…yikes!





   The Before Pictures

Here, there was a distinct boy & girl space, but not much space for play.  This nice size bonus room lacks closets or storage areas.


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Window treatments

Warming up the space

Here, my client & I went to Mary Jo’s and selected some Light and Dark chocolate silk fabric with a protective Liner to create a focal point, warm up the living room and continue the underlying gold and brown theme in the room.  Window treatments also helped with noise reduction in this 2 story home. 

 The Liner will help increase the life of the Silk Fabric from the harsh sun.


The Before Picture

The Before Picture:

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