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After Home Staging, this beautiful living room now feels cozier and has more purpose. Updating furniture pieces and placing them in smaller vignettes, helps to give the buyer a better idea of how they can use a room. The square rug helps to tie everything together.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is decorating your house to sell.  It will help you sell faster and get more money for your home.

In a buyers market the available listings exceed demand

Higher inventory of homes means that houses for sale tend to sit for longer periods— house hunters can afford to take their time and be more demanding about what they buy.

When buyers have time and selection on their side, they know they are in control of the situation and can be very picky. The only way to motivate them to take action and make an offer now is to make the home so desirable that they don’t want to risk losing it.

Obviously, the homes that show the best will sell faster and for more money.

It’s easy to see that when there are too many homes on the market the staged home will sell faster than competitors that don’t show as well. Buyers make the buying decision when they make an emotional connection with a house. Why not make that easier by romancing them!


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